Senior Pastor

Rev. David Hutchins

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Bro. Hutchins has been in Dardanelle for about 14 years, prior to that, he was Pastor in Plainview, Ar. He is married to Michelle (Houghton) Hutchins and they have 2 children, Tiffany who is an R.N. and lives in Conway, Ar. with her husband and two boys (Aidan and Hakeem, our pride and joys). Their son, David Paul is manager of a Cattle Sale barn and is a cattleman himself. Paul is very hands on in the work at Dardanelle, where he is drummer and works in the media department.   Bro. Hutchins has been Asst. Pastor for several years, at which time he was voted in as Co-Pastor at Apostolic Lighthouse UPC. Bro. Hutchins says there is no other place in the world he had rather be, than in Dardanelle, AR. He holds a General license with the United Pentecostal Church, Int.   Bro. and Sis. Hutchins are a great help in the church, if anything needs doing or is being done in the church, they usually have their hand in it.  They are very dedicated to the work of God. 

Our First Lady

Sister Michelle Hutchins

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Sister Hutchins is our First Lady. We were honored to have her; she is a great friend to all the saints. She has creativity that is unmatched.  She is a great cook, decorator, and mother.  Her smile lightens the room anytime you see her.   When you have a need, she offeres prayer and support. When you just need to find an altar and pray, she will stay with you. She is loved by all the children as she mothers them all.  Our ladies appreciate her, and the church supports her.  Bro. Hutchins will tell you, God surely smiled on him when He gave Sister Hutchins to him, and we here at Apostolic Lighthouse UPC feel the same. 

Media Coordinator

Mary Rodgers

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We are so blessed to have Butch and Mary Rodgers as part of ALC-Dardanelle. They have been here now over a year and are very active in the church and out-reach ministry. Mary is responsible for Media content, Facebook & Website, and much more. They currently live in Little Rock where both her and Butch are involved in outreach for homeless and those needing a “helping hand” for whatever reason anyone finds themselves in need. Feel free to reach out to her if you have a prayer request or would like to know more about the church, through her email.